FAQ – R999 Website


How does the R999,99 website work?

Each website template can be modified to adapt to your company brand.
As this is only R999,99 you are limited to your changes as this deal only allows you to change the following.

  • Primary Colour Scheme
  • Logo
  • Images
  • Text

Can I move a picture or add a section on the R999 website?

No, unfortunately not.

  • You can only replace the text, images and logo – no modifications.

I don't even own a domian, will you help?

Yes, we will.

  • We will assist you with registering a domain and setting the website up at your hosting provider.

Does the price include my domain name?

No, unfortunately not.

  • You will have to pay for your domain and hosting monthly via the hosting company.

What if I want to change the layout of the R999 site?

Yes,  you can.

  • You will be separately quoted for the changes requested.

Does this include setting up my e-mail?

No, unfortunately not.

  • We can set up your e-mail for your but will be separately charged.

Can I remove a section or picture?

Yes, you can.

What is a hosting Provider?

This is the Company that hosts your website. They normally ask for a monthly fee.


  • Choose Template
  • 50% deposit
  • Send all necessary template information
  • mysouth enters the information received
  • uploads to your ISP (Hosting Provider)
  • Done