Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

  • 70% Deposit must be paid before any work will be done.
  • Only the below will be edited.
    • Logo
    • All text
    • Images
  • The below is not included in the price but can be quoted if requested.
    • Any modification to the website.
    • Monthly hosting or domain fees.
    • Support after the website has been deployed.
    • E-mail setup and support.
  • Southern Direction reserves the right to:
    • disable the website if full payment is not made.
    • not begin work if all information is not received.
  • No changes and duplicate work:
    • Once information is received and added where the client requested, Southern Direction will not change it again or do duplicate work on the same section.
    • The client must be 100% sure where it must be placed as this will not be changed.